Update on Business Center Coming to New Albany, Ohio

New Albany business centerThere’s a new business coming to the New Albany, Ohio area, bringing with it plenty of excellent job opportunities.

According to a recent article I read, PCM/Sarcom is planning to add a second operation with the New Albany data center. With this expansion, residents can expect to see 15 to 20 more jobs open up in the New Albany area.

Job Opportunities in New Albany, Ohio

Here’s what else I learned about this job expansion in New Albany Ohio:

National IT services provider PCM Inc. will be building a data center in New Albany in the next several months.

PCM resells hardware from manufacturers and has been emphasizing growth in its IT services.

This company has been steadily growing for the last several years and now has about 350 employees – up from 280 just two years ago!

Recently, PCM purchased 7.8 acres at Souder and New Albany roads for $1.4 million in December.

Then, City Council approved a 65 percent property tax abatement for the data center project in November, which came out to be about $9.4 million, including land.

The data center – which is expected to add 15 to 20 workers – may open as early as this November.

Investing in New Albany, Ohio Real Estate

The fact that a company is willing to continue investing in our community signals that New Albany’s local economy is robust and desirable.

Plus, our community also offers such quality of life amenities as excellent public schools, beautiful and safe residential neighborhoods and numerous recreational amenities.

What better place is there to call home than that?

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