The Checklist That Every New Albany Ohio Home Seller Should Have!

Many home sellers think that all the work is done as soon as both parties have signed the purchase offer.

However, any responsible home seller knows that there are still several things they must do in order to ensure that the closing goes smoothly.

Below, we’ve listed the top things that home sellers should do right before closing. Continue reading to learn more!

Selling Your Central Ohio Property

Here are some actions you should take as a home seller before closing on your home. Please note that you should do these things once the home has been cleared of all of your furniture and personal belongings.

  • Gather All of the Documents Related to the Sale of Your Home and Keep Them Safe. This includes your executed seller disclosers, purchase contract and addendums and more. You never know when you may need them again.
  • Clean the House. Wipe down cabinets, vacuum the carpet one last time, etc. This will undoubtedly leave the home buyer happy, and at this critical stage right before closing – that’s important.
  • Turn off your home’s shut-off valves. Many home owners will actually shut off all water sources in the home, including toilets, dish washers. This is to prevent any water damage between the time you’ve vacated the home and the new buyer moves in. Be sure to let the buyer know you’ve turned off all the shut-off valves so they know why their water isn’t running the first day they move in.
  • Cancel your insurance policy. Do this only after you know that the title transfer has been complete. Once you do this, you may receive a refund on your homeowner’s insurance from your prepaid premium.
  • Cancel utilities and any subscriptions. Since you won’t be living at that address anymore, you’ll want to transfer these services to your new home. Coordinate the transfer of utilities with the new buyer so that service is not turned off.
  • Give the buyer all the keys that come with this house. This includes house keys, mailbox keys, gate keys and remotes.
  • Give your home one last look over. Check the cabinets, closets, attic, and other places for any personal items you may have forgotten about when packing.
  • Secure the house one final time. Turn off the lights, close the blinds, and lock the doors. By doing these things, you’re making the home less appealing for burglars and leaving it secure for the new home buyers.

Your New Albany, OH Real Estate Experts

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  • Pricing your home right
  • Listing your home on the market
  • Showing your home to buyers
  • Securing a purchase offer
  • Closing on your home

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