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Home Prices in New Albany, Nation on the Rise

New Albany home salesNational home prices are beginning to climb in the majority of U.S. cities. And that positive trend is being felt right here on the New Albany, Ohio real estate market!

According to a recent article I was reading, prices for single-family homes increased in 87 percent of U.S. cities during the second quarter of 2013.

Experts are crediting the improvements to the fortification of the housing recovery as well as the competition for a limited number of available properties for sale.

New Albany and National Real Estate Trends

Here’s what else I learned from this recent news article:

  • The median transaction price showed year-over-year increases in 142 of 163 metropolitan areas.
  • A year earlier, 75 percent of regions had gains.
  • At the end of the second quarter, 2.19 million previously owned homes were available for sale, which is 7.6 percent fewer than a year before.
  • The median home sales price for an existing single-family home was $203,500 nationally during the second quarter, up 12 percent from a year before.
  • That was considered the biggest gain since the fourth quarter of 2005.
  • Nationally speaking, the best performing areas were Sacramento and Atlanta, which both saw 39 percent increases in sales prices year-over-year.
  • The housing recovery has been aided by the drop in the unemployment rate, which decreased to 7.4 percent in July from 7.6 percent.
  • Meanwhile, mortgage rates for 30-year loans increased from 3.35 percent in May to 4.4 percent in July.

While rising mortgage rates may cool off the housing market slightly, the majority of the recent activity seems to be encouraging even more home sales and high home prices, including in New Albany. 

This will undoubtedly be welcome news for anyone interested in listing their property on the New Albany real estate market.

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New Albany, Ohio Featured Listing: 7693 Fenway Road

Fenway Albany 1Stately. Beautiful. Inviting.

These are likely the words that New Albany, Ohio home buyers will think of when they first set eyes on the new listing at 7693 Fenway Road.

This property, situated on a generous-sized 0.67-acre lot, features a 5,015-squre foot home with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. There was also 2 half baths in this home.

Currently, this New Albany home is listed at $899,000.

More Information on this Lovely New Albany Home for Sale

The beautiful brick home on Fenway Road offers residents everything they could possibly need to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle!

For instance, the spacious kitchen downstairs features granite countertops and newer stainless steel appliances.

There’s also a darling window seat in the kitchen!

The kitchen opens to a welcoming family room, which is ideally laid out for entertaining company.

The study features built-in shelves as well as wainscoting. And the dining room offers palladium windows! Meanwhile, you’re sure to enjoy the beautiful views of your treed backyard from the living room!

Here are some other features that interested home buyers are sure to be impressed with:

  • Fireplace in the master bedroom
  • A first-floor master bedroom
  • Tile flooring
  • Two-story foyer
  • Hardwood floors
  • Newer light fixtures

This home is served by the New Albany Plain School District, which is nationally recognized for its academic excellence.

Nearby recreational amenties to this home include:

  • New Albany Country Club
  • Plain Township Park
  • Sharon Woods Metropolitan Park

Plus, shopping and dining attractions in Columbus are just a short drive away!

Purchase This Lovely New Albany Home for Sale Now

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Calling All New Albany, Ohio Home Sellers

New Albany home salesAs more and more home buyers have flocked to the New Albany real estate market in search of their next dream home, available homes for sale have become more and more in demand.

Now, real estate experts all over Central Ohio are calling upon would-be home sellers to list their properties now to capitalize on all of the pent-up demand from home buyers.

At least, that’s the gist of a recent article we read.

New Albany, Ohio Real Estate for Sale

A strange thing is happening on the New Albany real estate market – as well as other markets around the country.

While home sales are up, home listings are actually at their lowest level since 2002.

Thus, real estate analysts everywhere are encouraging home owners to list their property in order to meet a rising demand for properties for sale.

Here’s a breakdown of the current housing market situation in Central Ohio:

  • A little more than 9,000 Central Ohio homes are listed right now, which equates to about a 4.7 month home inventory.
  • Generally speaking, a six-month supply is considered a balanced – and therefore healthy – market.
  • Worthington has a 1.8-month supply
  • Upper Arlington has a 2.2-month supply
  • Beechwold/Clintonville has a 2.7-month supply
  • Grandview Heights has a 2.3-month supply
  • Powell has a 2.6-month supply
  • New Albany has a 4.6 month supply

It’s similar in other markets throughout Central Ohio.

So what exactly is causing the low inventory of available homes for sale?

Experts credit it to a number of reasons:

  •  A sharp increase in home sales has outpaced the number of homes being listed on the market.
  • A large drop in home owners listing their property because they’re wary of not getting a good price for their home. For instance, in the first two months of 2013 – 5,473 central Ohioans listed their home, compared with 8,195 homes that went on the market during the same period in 2006.
  • Home sellers who would have wanted to move up to a bigger home are finding it harder to secure a mortgage because of tighter lending restrictions, so they’re staying put.

But as experts are telling home sellers everywhere, there are some great benefits to be had for those home sellers who enter the market now.

After all, because inventory is so low, home sellers stand to get a great price for their home – perhaps even multiple offers!

Sell Your New Albany, Ohio area home today!

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Firm: New Albany Has Plenty to Offer To Developers

New Albany developmentA firm that has been studying our community of New Albany recently released a report that said we have a lot to offer – but we need to do a better job of marketing.

Evidently, planners from MKSK, a central Ohio planning and design firm, told residents in late January that New Albany should expand by constructing more homes and businesses in the village center.

They also suggested aggressively marketing such additions to the surrounding area.

Growth Opportunities in New Albany, Ohio

Consultants working with MKSK also suggested that the community should add more road extensions and leisure path connections.

A group of 30 stakeholders – including those from the New Albany Planning Commission and the New Albany City Council – are expected to thoroughly review the suggestions over the next several months.

The city council will make a final decision on whether to follow the suggestions of the draft.

The city paid $150,000 for the most recent report.

Here are some other highlights from the initial report:

  • Current zoning in New Albany allows the city to grow to 18,530 residents.
  • As of the 2010 Census, the city’s population was 7,724.
  • Although most residents like the size of New Albany right now, many also said they want to see more restaurants and retail businesses.
  • Planners suggested the city market its attractions to neighboring communities like Columbus and Licking County.
  • They also suggested marketing retail amenities to the more than 10,500 people working in the New Albany business parks, especially given that retail usually follows people.
  • In terms of roads, the consultants recommended widening state Route 161 to three lanes (which must be approved by the state of Ohio) as well as providing more connections to Route 161 in the city’s business parks in Licking County.
  • They also suggested connecting Smith’s Mill Road north to Jug Street as well as Smith’s Mill and Jug Street to Beech Road.
  • The consultants also suggested that the city work with neighboring jurisdictions in order to implement the best and most cost-effective bicycle and leisure trail connections, especially the Ohio to Erie Trail.

Improvements Coming to New Albany

What do you think of the proposals that the consultants recently made to New Albany Ohio stakeholders? We would love to hear your thoughts on how you think New Albany should expand!

And if you’re considering listing your property anytime soon on the local housing market, please contact us, Kate & Tony Thomas, today!

We’ll help you determine the best listing price for your property as well as offer you such helpful home-selling resources as:

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New Albany Ohio Real Estate – 2012 Home Sales Recap

New Albany home salesIt’s Officially a Seller’s Market!

Sales of single family homes in New Albany in 2012 exceeded 350 units for the first time in 7 years.  360 homes sold in New Albany this year compared to 344 homes sold last year.  2005 was the last year New Albany saw home sales in this range when 368 homes sold.  These numbers are hard to believe since inventory levels have remained at their lowest level in 10+ years.  We ended the year with a 2.7 month supply of homes based on the 2012 rate of sale.  This definitely meets the criteria for a “Seller’s Market”.  It’s unlikely that we can sustain this rate of sale if inventory levels don’t begin to rise.

Dwindling inventory typically will drive prices up.  Several New Albany neighborhoods saw prices rebound nicely last year – specifically Hampsted Village, New Albany Links, Albany Park and Windsor.  The sales prices for homes over $1 million sold in the New Albany Country Club also increased nicely over 2012.  Sale prices in the rest of the New Albany were in the same range as 2012 but are poised to head up this year.

Rising home prices and historically low interest rates creates the perfect scenario for both Sellers and Buyers this year.  If you are considering selling, you will benefit from increasing home prices and a ver low inventory of homes for sale.  If you are a buyer, you want to buy before prices increase too much and while interest rates are crazy low.  Call Tony and me to discuss your particular situation.  The chart below is the Year End results for the major neighborhoods in New Albany, Ohio.  If your community is not included, just let us know.  We will send you the comparable information for your neighborhood.

New Albany 2012 Year End Recap



Sold 4th







Qtr 2012



$/Sq Ft


The Preserve








Albany Park
























NA Links
















NACC < $1M**








NACC > $1M








Tot Plain Local
School District








*    Includes Tidewater, Saunton, Enclave and Wentworth
**  Includes NACC and The Reserve


If 2013 is your year to make a move, we want to be a part of it!  Stay in touch and we’ll do the same!   Have a great year!


Kate & Tony



How to Know When to Fix Your New Albany, Ohio Home or Sell It As Is

It’s a question that every home seller will need to face at some point during the New Albany home selling process: Should I fix my home to make it more attractive to buyers or try to sell it as is?

Like many things in life, there is no clear answer to this question.

After all, your decision whether to sell your home as is or not will depend on a variety of factors, which we will explain below.

Properties for Sale on the New Albany Real Estate Market

There are many factors that one should consider when deciding whether to sell their home as is, including competing inventory, recent New Albany housing market activity and more.

If your home is going to cost a lot to repair to the level where normal home buyers would want to purchase it, you may consider pricing it below market – especially if you’re in a hurry to move out.

By doing so, you’re likely to attract multiple offers either from investors or home buyers willing to do repair work themselves who are looking for a “deal”.  Generally speaking, fixer-upper buyers will not pay top dollar on a home in need of repairs.   They’ll probably factor in the cost of the repairs as well as a cost for the hassle of doing them into an offer. Thus, if you definitely have a price point you want to meet on the sale of your New Albany home, you may just want to make repairs before you list your home.

If you’re trying to add value to your home by making repairs to it before you list it on the New Albany market, remember that the improvements in kitchens and bathrooms have the highest return on value.

Here are some other factors that you should consider when deciding whether to sell your home as is:

  • What do other homes in your price range and location have? If all other homes have renovated kitchens, you may consider investing in a remodeling as well. Otherwise, you’re likely to receive low ball offers.
  • Is it a seller’s market? If it is, you’re more likely to get away with selling your home as is because buyers will be desperate to close the deal. If it’s more of a buyer’s market, you may have to put some sweat equity in your home to attract potential buyers.

If you decide to fix your home before listing it on the New Albany real estate market but don’t want to completely wipe-out your bank account, we recommend you make these minimal repairs at least:

  • Patch any holes and cracks in the walls and ceilings; touch up woodwork and trim
  • Fix or replace broken appliances and HVAC systems
  • Fix leaky faucets; possibly update hardware
  • Replace darkly-painted or wallpapered rooms with neutral colors
  • Replace old, stained, or dark colored carpet
  • Make sure your home is up to code
  • While not a repair, decluttering the house, closets, and garage costs little and is time well spent

Your Expert New Albany, Ohio REALTORS

If you’re considering listing your home anytime soon on the Central Ohio real estate market, we hope you found the above information helpful!

For more tips on how to expertly navigate the New Albany housing market as a seller, please feel free to contact us, Kate & Tony Thomas, today!

We also welcome you to check out some of the helpful real estate tools we are already offering online for free, such as:

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How to Expertly Stage Your New Albany Home’s Kitchen for Buyers

When it comes to selling your Central Ohio home for sale, staging your home can make all the difference in the world!

Staging a home allows you to play up your home’s assets while downplaying it’s weaknesses. It also makes your home appear cleaner and more spacious then it actually is – which is a plus when you’re trying to attract interested home buyers!

Below, we’re going to tell you the best way to stage one of the home’s more important rooms: the kitchen.

Staging the Kitchen in Your Central Ohio Home

For many home buyers, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the entire house.

After all, this is where a family is going to spend a great deal of time. Plus that, kitchens tend to cost a lot to remodel. Thus, interested home buyers will be searching for the home with the kitchen that is move-in ready!

But how exactly should you stage your kitchen to be universally attractive to home buyers? Here are some ways you can start:

Give the kitchen a good cleaning. Don’t forget to scrub the baseboards, polish chrome fixtures, clean the insides of cabinets and more!

If you cook a lot of meals that have long-lasting odors, consider going out to eat while your home is on the market. You never know what smell is going to turn off potential home buyers.

Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink or the dishwasher. Buyers are going to look at both and you don’t want buyers thinking your entire home is dirty just because you have some dirty dishes in the sink.

Discard any items in your pantry, refrigerator or freezer that are old or you are not using.  While this may seem minor, it actually signals to interested home buyers that your home is in neat and creates a feeling of spaciousness in these important areas.

Depersonalize your kitchen by removing magnets, pictures and notes form your refrigerator. Remember, you want home buyers to be able to envision themselves living in your home – not you.

If you have a relatively small eat-in kitchen space, consider adding in a smaller table to make the room appear bigger.

Stow knives and counter top appliances in cabinets and drawers.   The fewer items on the counters the better.  Arrange knickknacks that are on the counter by odd numbers – which is more aesthetically pleasing.

Add plants – which will make a room appear more warm and inviting.

Don’t put anything in front of windows that would block natural light from coming in. Natural light makes a room feel cheerier as well as larger.

Selling New Albany Ohio Real Estate

We hope you found the above tips helpful as a prospective New Albany home seller.

As a rule of thumb, staged homes tend to sell quicker and for more money than un-staged homes. Thus, it really behooves New Albany home owners to stage their homes before they ever list.

For more expert tips on how to effectively sell your home, please contact us, Kate & Tony Thomas, today!

While you’re at it, we invite you to check out some of the helpful home-selling resources we already offer online, such as:

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Is It Time to Purchase Another New Albany, Ohio Home for Sale?

As experienced Central Ohio real estate experts, we’ve known plenty of New Albany home owners over the years who have wrestled with the idea of when to purchase another home.

They would often ask us, “How do I know when is the right time?”

So today, I’m going to tell you about some top reasons why people decide to sell their current New Albany home and move to another one.

New Albany Real Estate for Sale

It has been said that American home owners move into a new home roughly every five to seven years.

Why so much moving? Here are some top reasons why New Albany home owners tell me that it’s time for them to move:

They’ve outgrown their current home.   This is particularly true for growing young families who originally purchase a starter home and then quickly outgrow it.

They want to upgrade their home.   Whether they’re looking for a more modern-style home or a home with updated fixtures and amenities throughout, these home owners are looking for the bigger and better home.

Job transfer.   Sometimes it’s the job that initiates the need to sell their current home. Often, if commuting distance is more than an hour, people will decide to relocate.

They want to rectify a mistake they made when they purchased their current house. Perhaps when purchasing their current house, the home owners thought they would be able to get used to not having a backyard or being on a busy street.  When they realize that they made a mistake on their current home, some home owners will eventually rectify the situation by purchasing another home that fits their needs more appropriately.

Changes in Personal Relationships.   Whether it’s getting married or getting divorced, having kids or becoming empty nesters – these changes in relationships often motivate people to change their living situations as well.

Desire to See Family More Often. If the home owner lives far away from their nuclear family, they may opt to move in order to be closer to relatives. We see this often in which parents move closer to be with their children and vice versa.

Desire to See Family Less Often.  Then there are the home owners who are looking for a bit of space between themselves and their family members. In order to preserve harmony in the family, these home owners move away from their families.

Retirement.   Some home owners who have recently retired wish to live in a retirement community where they can be around others around their age. These communities are also attractive because they typically require less maintenance than a typical home.

Deferred Maintenance.  Instead of having to purchase a new roof or replace the furnace, some home owners opt to purchase a new home so that they don’t have to worry about such costly maintenance projects.

House flippers.   Some people simply enjoy buying fixer upper homes and spending a great deal of time, money and energy making the house into a more desirable place to live. Then they sell the home and buy another fixer upper.

Change in lifestyle.   These individuals may not want to be tied down to a property and instead want to spend their time and money traveling the world. Thus, they decide to sell in order to free up some of their money and to release themselves from one piece of property.

New Albany, Ohio Real Estate for Sale

If you are a current home owner who has been considering selling your Central Ohio home anytime soon, please contact us, Kate & Tony Thomas, today!

As you can see, we’ve helped New Albany home owners sell their homes for a variety of reasons over the years and we’d be happy to assist you as well!

For the time being, however, please take a few moments to browse some of the additional home-selling resources we offer online for free, including:

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Ensure That Your New Albany Home Shows Well By Doing These Things

When home buyers in New Apbany  go to tour a home, they frequently decide whether they like it or not within the first couple of minutes!

And some have made up their minds before they even set foot in the home!

That’s why good first impressions are critical when it comes to successfully selling your New Albany home.

Today, we’re going to tell you about some things that you should do that will help you attract qualified home buyers and get purchase offers.

New Albany Properties for Sale

Here are some suggestions for how you as a home seller can turn a home showing into a home sale.

Create a Welcoming Environment. You want the home buyer to be able to envision living in your home one day. Thus, you want to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Create this atmosphere by not requiring them to take off take off their shoes if they don’t want to and by leaving the house during home showings. You can even go the extra mile by leaving out a bowl of candy or treats at the front door with a small note thanking the buyer.

Set a comfortable room temperature. You don’t want your home to be so stuffy that the buyer can’t breathe but you also don’t want to freeze them out either! So set the temperature to a degree that encourages the home buyer to linger in your home and fall in love with it even more!

Set the Scene. Help the home buyer see your home as their future home by setting just the right mood in your home. Consider lighting a fire in the fireplace, perhaps or setting the dining room table. You may also consider playing soft music or leaving water fountains turned on.

Don’t Overwhelm Buyers with Strong Fragrances. Some people may be allergic to the fragrance you spray in your home during showings – driving them outside. That’s definitely not the reaction you want in interested home buyers! Instead, go for natural scents by opening the window if it’s a nice breezy day or baking cookies in the oven just before a showing!

Make Your Home Visually Appealing. Showings are all about appealing to the buyer’s sense of aesthetics. You can do this by setting out seasonal photographs, such as blossoming flowers for the springtime and fall foliage for autumn. Rooms with complimentary colors are also very appealing to buyers.

Let in the Light. Natural and artificial light can both do wonders to make homes appear more cheery, beautiful and open than they really are. So use every opportunity you see to let in the light!

Encourage home buyer feedback. Considering setting out blank note pads with pens near the candy you set out at the front of the home. Even if the home buyer doesn’t ultimately end up buying your home, it will give you insight into what home buyers are looking for.

Your Dedicated New Albany Ohio REALTORS

Hopefully the above tips will help you sell your New Albany home for sale in a short amount of time and for the best price possible.

If you’re looking for additional advice, however, on how to effectively navigate the Central Ohio real estate market, please don’t hesitate to contact us, Kate & Tony Thomas, today!

We’re expert New Albany REALTORS and will be thrilled to help you with all of your home-selling needs.

In the meantime, be sure to check out some of the free New Albany real estate resources we offer online, including:

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Spotlight on The Preserve Community in New Albany

As its name would suggest, The Preserve is a New Albany area that is brimming with natural beauty and tranquil vistas.

This peaceful area features homes with large front porches, ample green space and more than 50 acres of land dedicated to parklands and permanent wooded preserves.

If you’re looking for a quieter and slower-paced home life, The Preserve may be just the right area for you!

Today, we’re going to tell you about the different residential communities that comprise The Preserve.

Continue reading to learn more!

Real Estate for Sale at The Preserve

The two main neighborhoods that make up The Preserve feature a total of 500 homes, all of which were developed by M/I Homes in recent years.

These neighborhoods are The Preserve and The Woods at the Preserve

The Preserve: This New Albany single-family subdivision features plenty of green space and park benches to enjoy a beautiful day in Central Ohio. These homes were developed by M/I Homes and feature open floor plans, spacious bedrooms, beautiful backyards and more!

  • Price Range: $200,000 to $350,000
  • Square Footage Range: 1,500 to 3,000
  • Neighborhood Amenities: Large green, community gazebo

The Woods at the Preserve: This Central Ohio single family neighborhood features an expansive wetlands preserve that is ideal for enjoying such natural beauty as ducks, geese and various other wildlife. Homes in this community tend to be larger than those in The Preserve. As with The Preserve, this community is served by the New Albany School District.

  • Price Range: $300,000 to $450,000
  • Square Footage Range: 2,500 to 3,500
  • Neighborhood Amenities: Park benches, plenty of green space

Your New Albany, Ohio Real Estate Experts

If you’re interested in learning more about either The Preserve or The Woods at the Preserve, please contact us, Kate & Tony Thomas, today.

We’ll offer you straight-forward and helpful advice as well as provide you with such FREE home-buying tools as:

When you decide whether you’re ready to invest in a home at either of these residential communities at The Preserve, you’ll be able to easily browse available New Albany homes there by using one of our pre-defined searches:

And if you’re considering listing your Preserve area home, please be sure to contact us as well since we can help you with all of your home-selling needs too.

For starters, we’ll help you determine the value of your home, which will in turn help you determine the most strategic list price:

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New Albany Neighborhoods