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Columbus, Ohio Named One of Most Relaxed Cities

It seems that Columbus, Ohio is one of the least stressed cities in the country!  I’ve always suspected this, but Forbes has just confirmed it.  It certainly was mine and Tony’s experience when we moved to New Albany 15 years ago.  And for 13 years, I have been telling Buyers relocating to Central Ohio that they were in for a treat – they could give up a long commute, would find polite drivers on the road, and friendly people everywhere they went. 

Columbus #5 for Stress Free Living

 In determining which cities were the least stressed, Forbes evaluated categories which correlate to stress – commute time, # hours worked, and health factors since health closely related to stress.  The study revealed that fewer than 4% of the population in Columbus, Ohio is stuck in morning traffic.  When we moved here Columbus was pretty much a “20 minute town” – In New Albany, we could get pretty much where ever we wanted in 20 minutes or less.  We may not be a 20 minute town any longer, but we’re not far from it! 

It’s nice to be reminded about what is good about where we live so spread the word!  For the most up to the minute info on New Albany real estate sign up for our blog, or just contact Kate & Tony Thomas.  In the meantime, relax and enjoy your home!


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