Selecting the Right Realtor to Sell your New Albany Home

It’s an Important Decision

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In today’s challenging real estate market, selecting the right Real Estate professional to market and sell your home is more important than ever. Your ability succeessfully acomplish your goals is very much linked to the decision you make regarding the Real Estate agent with whom you list your home.

So How do I Choose?

RF242297There a great may good Reators from which to choose; so how do you do it? The best method is a personal referral from a friend or family member who has used a Realtor and was pleased with their experience.

You should list with a neighborhood expert. You want the Realtor listing you New Albany home to be the expert in the area; one with the knowledge, expertise, marketing savy and the respect of the Realtor community to get the job done.

Remember, a really good Realtor sells 20 -25% of his or her own listings. That means that there is a &5-80% chance that your home will be sold to someone who is working with another Realtor. You want you listing agent to be well known and respected by other Realtors.

Empiric Data is Available and Tells the Story


Do your home work. There are plenty of facts and figures that will confirm that you are making a good decision. Some questions you would want answers would include:

How many homes do you sell per year? How long does it take your listings to sell vs the market average? What is your list price – sales price ratio vs the market? What is the average price poing of the homes you sell? How many homes have you sold in my neighborhood in the past 12 months? Do you have a team? Do you have a strong web presence?

Or Keep it Simple ­čÖé

If you live in the New Albany and want to sell you home, just call Kate & Tony at New Albany Realty. We’ll take great care of you and get you the results you want.

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