It's A Jungle Out There

catAnd you need an experienced guide

It is with great fondness that I remember the days of putting a New Albany home into contract, and pretty much being assured that I’d soon be joining the happy Buyer and Seller at the closing. Well, maybe some time in the future those days will return, but for now, its a jungle out there!

Now more than ever, you need an experienced Realtor…Kate and Tony Thomas, happen to come to mind… to help guide you through the jungle from contract to closing.  Here’s a few of the hazards that can you can avoid if you have an experienced and intrepid Realtor guide.

“Mauled” a wild inspection

That great home can look like the money pit depending on whose inspecting it and how the report is interpreted.  We just had a home where the inspector marked “poor condition” for an entire gutter and downspout system because one downspout was not connected to the ground drain.  “If one thing is wrong we mark the entire system as poor” was this inspector’s answer to our query. Methodology like this is provocative and creates unnecessary fear and concern on the part of the Buyer.

“Bitten” by appraisal

The Seller and Buyer have agreed upon the price, so it’s a done deal, right?  Wrong!  The Appraiser, the bank underwriter and / or the loan officer can scuttle the deal.  To further undermine the situation, the bank can no longer select the appraiser.  While this “firewall”, helps eliminate the possibly of coercion and collusion between lender and appraiser, the unintended consequences are that you can end up with a appraiser that is completely unfamiliar with the area and valuations.

Mired in transaction “quick sand” pits

There are many details touch points (68 in our system) to bring a contract to a successful closing.  If the Realtor does not have the experience, systems and foresight to avoid the transactional pits, the deal can quickly become mired and sink.

An experienced professional “guide” is a must

It doesn’t matter if you are wearing a Buyer’s or Seller’s hat, a professional Guide is a must.  Kate & Tony Thomas and New Albany Realty have the experience, systems and support in place to ensure that your trip through the “Jungle” is a successful and safe one.

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