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Rob’s March Update


  • We typically see a significant increase in listings when the weather warms up
  • COVID-19 put an emphasis on home but we are now beginning to see a return to normalcy
  • Interest rates are beginning to adjust upwards and buyers may feel increasing pressure to buy

Spring Market

As the predominant real estate group in New Albany for 20+ years, we have developed an excellent feel for the market’s cadence. We know that when the weather turns and it begins to warm up, typically, we see a significant lift in inventory. Thus easing the supply and demand strain that we feel in late winter/early spring. Initially, the surge of listings gets absorbed by a large number of active buyers in the marketplace. However, after 4 to 6 weeks of consistent increases in listings, we begin to see buyers take a step back. They realize that there will be more options if the current listings don’t meet all their needs. It generally becomes a slightly less competitive environment.

COVID-19 Impact on the Market

What we saw last year during the lockdown was housing became the highest priority for people. It was the most important thing. Now that we’re beginning to see the return of normalcy, I think we’re going to see the emphasis people are putting on their home pulled back some now that the pandemic is, hopefully, nearing its end. The pandemic caused people to need more space or a home change due to working remotely or homeschooling. It might not be as much of a driving force going forward. As offices begin to welcome employees back and families are permitted to travel more, it’ll be interesting to see how the market continues to adjust. 

Interest Rates

Clients should note that interest rates have begun to adjust upwards, and as buyers start to see the impact on their monthly payment, they feel increasing pressure to purchase before rates go higher. The expectation was that rates would adjust upwards, and that would settle down the buyers. However, my short-term prediction is that the trends of rates increasing will cause people to almost panic buy. They’ll feel like if I wait six months, I might be paying $100 more per month, so I might as well get locked in now. 

Columbus Housing Shortage

The Columbus housing market is experiencing a shortage of homes. We have several qualified buyers looking for a new place to call home. It’s never too early to chat about your real estate options for 2021.

Whether you’re downsizing or you’re looking for more space, reach out by emailing anyone on our team or giving us a call at (614) 939-1234. We really look forward to hearing from YOU!

March Handy Homeowner Tip

April Showers

  • Being unprepared for rain can cause leaks or floods in your home
  • Test your sump pump once a year and make sure your gutters are clean

We’ve all heard horror stories of basements flooding or other damages due to heavy rains in the Spring. If your home is unprepared for spring showers, you might fall victim to leaks or floods. 

The primary thing that home inspectors call out is to test your sump pump once a year. To test your sump pump, lift up on the float and see if it pumps. You can also unplug and replug your sump pump to see if it turns on immediately. If it doesn’t, you might need to repair or replace it. 

If you have a finished basement, we always recommend a backup sump pump or battery backup. Another way to ensure no leaks is for homeowners to clean their gutters. Ensure the downspouts are properly connected and are leading away from the house as much as possible. We recommend Dan the Gutter Man; they offer gutter cleaning and repair. 

Don’t forget to keep a positive grade around the perimeter of your home. One of the leading causes of wet basements is a negative grade near the foundation caused by settling. To correct the grade you can add dirt purchased from Ace Hardware or Oakland Nursery. 

If you want more information on our homeowner tips, please don’t hesitate to contact . We can recommend local professional services around Central Ohio for all your needs!

New Albany Library Renovation

  • New Albany Library is currently undergoing a $1.9 million renovation
  • The library is expected to open mid-April

The New Albany Library, a local staple for the community, is currently undergoing renovations. In January, the library began a $1.9 million renovation that includes a new ceiling, lighting, flooring, windows, HVAC, and furniture. The upgrades also have a new customer-service desk, a larger teen area, and a more extensive Homework Help Center.

The New Albany branch of Columbus Metropolitan Libraries first opened back in 2003. 18 years later, the library is getting some well-due updates. Currently, the library is open for pick-up and drop-off on the side of the building. 

Benjamin Reid, the branch manager, spoke about one of the new features added – the study rooms. The study rooms are open to patrons after the library reopens and can be reserved for same-day use. It’s a great way for community members to enjoy the library and have some private space to study. 

The library plans to reopen in mid-April, later than the initially scheduled date, due to construction delays. Reid says, “we’re very excited to welcome the community back once we’re open again!”

If you have any questions about the current active listings in New Albany email us at or call us at 614-939-1234!

March Design Corner

Step-By-Step Styling Guide for Shelves

Shelf styling is one of our team’s favorite decorating techniques, but it’s also one of the trickiest. If you’re thinking about updating or styling your shelf for the first time, follow these steps: 

Step 1: No matter what kind of shelves we’re styling, we always empty our shelves first. That way, we can start fresh and see the space we’re working with as a blank canvas. 

Step 2: Once you have cleared everything from your shelves, look at what you already have, and start grouping your objects by size. This process makes it easier once you start styling, and it helps you see what you may want to add to your collection. 

Step 3: Start by using your biggest items first to create focal points to style around. Vases, baskets, bowls, art, or other large decor items are perfect for adding visual weight to a built-in. We typically like to stagger these items so that they don’t stack on top of each other and are not right next to each other, which helps create balance. It helps to place all of your similar objects at the same time. For example, style all of your vases, then your baskets, etc. 

Step 4: Start to create groupings with your smaller items. Stacking books, adding in boxes, and pairing two similar elements together are some of our favorite go-to’s. Add personal touches like family photos or collected objects. 

Step 5: Once you’re happy with the general idea of what you have created, step back, and evaluate. Don’t be afraid to add, subtract, or start entirely from scratch if the final result isn’t speaking to you. 

Refine & Design is an interior styling and home staging company dedicated to making your space functional and beautiful. Refine & Design provides affordable, practical, and creative solutions personalized to fit your taste and lifestyle. You can call or email them at 614-296-9800

If you need any other design tips or recommendations, don’t hesitate to reach us at We work with trusted professionals to give you the best quality for the best prices!

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