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New Albany Area Non-Profits Receive Financial Help

RS722_iStock_000004647415XSmallHere in the New Albany, Ohio area, it’s obvious that our public officials and greater community care about the well-being of every single resident.

Case in point: The New Albany Community Foundation recently gave six grants totaling $76,200 to help local organization.

These organizations have a wide range of goals and missions – ensuring that everybody in the community who needs help is likely getting it.

Living in New Albany, Ohio

Here’s a breakdown of the organizations who recently received grants – as well as what they hope to do with the money.

Kids Here and There: This organization encourages students at Columbus Academy and other area high schools to complete service work for local children at a variety of charities, such as Nationwide Children’s Hospital. They received $21,000.

New Albany-Plain Local School District: The Easton Community Foundation donated $25,000 to help install the Easton-Ohio State University Nature and STEM Center. They also received another $20,000 from the Carolyn and Lance White Endowment Fund to help support the author residency program.

The New Albany Arts Council received $7,200 to help pay rent for productions that take place at the Janne B. McCoy Community Center for the Arts.

Safety Town received $2,000 to help teach children traffic safety through the New Albany Police Department.

The New Albany-Plain Local School District received $1,000 for its environmental science program to honor Diane Nye, an environmental advocate in the area.

Relocating to New Albany, Ohio

It really is impressive all of the money that The New Albany Community Foundation was able to provide to area non-profits.

Central Ohio truly is the kind of community where everybody looks after one another.

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