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New Albany Home Sales Show Modest Rise in Prices

1st Quarter Real Estate Results Encouraging

Despite a record low inventory of homes for sale in New Albany, 1st quarter unit sales were about equal with last year. A reduced inventory creates a market that for the first time in years actually favors Sellers! As a result, we are seeing a slight rise in home prices pretty much across the board. Days on market are declining as well – another indicator that it’s a good time to be a seller. Tony and I are cautiously optimistic that 2012 is the beginning of an improved real esate market in New Albany and Greater Columbus.

Let us hear from you if you have questions about the market for your home or about getting your home ready to sell! The members of our team are expert at handling the sale of your current home and purchase of your next one! Call us at 614-939-1234 or visit us at, the #1 website for New Albany Real Estate!  

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New Albany 2012 1st Quarter Real Estate Recap

Neighborhood Active
Sold March 2012 Sold
YTD 2012
$/Sq Ft
The Preserve 5 11 4 8 4 $102 109
Albany Park 4 1 1 3 2 $102 52
Windsor 4 4 3 6 5 $97 102
Hampsted 4 10 2 7 6 $111 62
NA Links 17 8 1 5 11 $113 139
New-CCollege* 3 1 0 2 1 $143 106
NACC < $1M** 36 9 8 14 16 $161 136
NACC > $1M 13 1 2 6 2 $196 136
Tot Plain Local
School District 116 63 25 60 64 $143 126
* Includes Tidewater, Saunton, Enclave and Wentworth
** Includes NACC and The Reserve

Several Things You Can Do Before Listing Your New Albany, OH Home

It’s a common theme that has echoed in many real estate markets across the nation: It’s a buyer’s market.

This means that – generally speaking – both home sales and home prices are down.

But there are still plenty of things that home sellers can do to ensure a successful outcome on the local housing market.

Continue reading to learn more about these tips and see how they can help you as a New Albany home seller.

Things to Do Before You Enter the New Albany Real Estate Market

Get Your Home in Top Condition. Seller’s face a lot of compeitition in a buyer’s market because there are more home sellers on the market than home buyers. Thus, it’s important to make your home stand out above the rest. You can do this with some easy-to-do improvements around the house, such as giving your home a fresh coat of paint, cleaning the entryway to your home and trimming overgrown bushes and shrubs out front. All of these things will increase your home’s curb appeal, which will likely attract more home buyers.

Prepare an Aggressive and Comprehensive Market Plan. The best marketing plans use an array of media to reach the largest audience possible. They also play up your homes best features. An experienced New Albany real estate agent can help you create the right marketing plan for you and your home.

See if your company offers relocation assistance. If you’re moving to another city for a job, you may want to check with your employer to see if they offer any sort of help to make selling your home easier. Check with your human resources department for more information.

Set the Right List Price. As we mentioned in a previous New Albany real estate blog, setting your home’s list price too high in the beginning could create substantial problems for you as a home seller.

DeClutterize Your Home. By removing unnecessary furniture and knick-knacks from your home, you’ll make the home appear both neater and bigger. This will, in turn, make your home more attractive to prospective home buyers. Here’s a good rule of thumb: If you haven’t used the item in more than 6 months, it’s probably time to get rid of it.

Stay In-The-Know About Market Activity. In this kind of economy, the New Albany housing market is a constantly changing and evolving arena. To ensure that you don’t get left behind as a home seller, make sure you stay on top of market activity. Our ***** can help you with this goal.

Sell Your New Albany Property Today

For more information on the best way to navigate the New Albany real estate market as a home seller, contact us, Kate & Tony Thomas, today.

As experienced Central Ohio REALTORS, we’ll tell you about other things you can do to ensure a successful outcome on the market.

We’ll also provide you with a number of helpful (and FREE!) home selling tools, such as:

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Tips on How New Albany Home Sellers Can Prepare for a Home Inspection

The home inspection process is frequently a stressful experience for New Albany home sellers.

After all, the results of the home inspection could make or break the sale of their Central Ohio home.

The good news is that there are ways in which a New Albany home owner can prepare for the upcoming home inspection.

Continue reading to learn more!

New Albany, Ohio Properties for Sale

As most home sellers know, many home buyers will hire a professional home inspector to look over the home before closing on their new purchase.

Sometimes, if a problem is found during the home inspection, it can delay the closing for weeks.

Luckily, there are certain preventative steps that home sellers can take to ensure that the home inspection goes smoothly.

One of the most important steps they can take is to make repairs to the following areas before an inspection ever occurs. That’s because these areas are known to cause the most concern among home buyers:

  • Mold & Mildew: Home buyers are very cognizant of the health issues associated with these two growths, especially toxic black mold. If it’s present in your home, you may receive a less-than-ideal offer on your home. Thus, make sure you remove any before an inspection.
  • Water control issues in basements and crawlspaces: Generally the smell of mildew in one of these rooms is an indication that it’s too moist. To reduce moisture levels in your basement, consider covering any areas of exposed grown with plastic. You may also consider checking out your drainage system to make sure it’s not exacerbating the problem.
  • Problematic Roofs: This is a huge area for home buyers and can certainly prove costly for home sellers should a home inspector discover a problem. The most common issue related to roofs is deteriorated shingles as well as rotted materials underneath the shingles. Make repairs on this important part of the home before the home buyer schedules the inspection.
  • Plumbing Issues: Leaks can wreak havoc on a home and cause considerable damage. The home inspector will do a number of things around your home to locate any potential leaks, including checking water pressure in the bathroom and running the dishwasher. They will also check the septic system. Thus, make sure to get these issues addressed well before the inspection occurs.
  • Electrical Problems: Home inspectors are looking for inadequate electrical panels and circuit breaker configurations. Make sure that your electrical system is fully functioning.
  • Miscellaneous Inspection Areas: Additional areas that the home inspector will check are the heating and air conditioning systems, the home’s foundation and the home’s various appliances that would come with the house.

One more thing about home inspections for now: Your contract should tell you which systems are expected to be in good working order at the time of closing. This will help you even more to prepare for the closing.

We Can Help You Sell Your New Albany Home in a Timely Manner!

We understand just how important the home inspection process is. That’s why we are always happy to share with interested Central Ohio home sellers like you our expert advice on how to pass a home inspection.

Contact us, Kate & Tony Thomas, today to learn more about how we can help you reach a favorable outcome on the New Albany real estate market as a home seller.

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How To Set The List Price on Your New Albany Home

Determining the right list price for a New Albany home for sale is probably the single most important thing a home seller can do.

Here’s why: If the price is too high, buyers will not likely even take the time to consider your home.  If the price is too high, a Realtor may use your home to sell a similar but better priced home.

And since you have the most number of showings during the first couple of weeks after being listed, you won’t get those buyers back if you end up dropping the price several months down the road.

On the flip side, you don’t want to set your list price too low because then you may lose some of your potential profit.

As your New Albany real estate experts, we understand how important it is to set the right list price on your Central Ohio home and are here to help you find the best possible list price for your home.

Continue reading to discover our tips for getting your list price right the first time around!

Central Ohio Homes for Sale

The common mistake that many New Albany home owners make is setting their list price too high.

Home sellers will often feel justified in setting a high list price because of any one of these reasons:

  • They’ve invested in a number of home upgrades which they feel adds significant value to their home
  • They are trying to recoup their original price regardless of any change in the market.
  • They want that extra room to negotiate down the price if necessary

Unfortunately, by setting their list price too high, home sellers often end up shooting themselves in the foot.

Here’s what happens when your home’s list price is too high:

  • You won’t get an offer within the first few weeks of listing your home, which is the best time to sell your home
  • After a couple of weeks of being on the market, your home will get fewer and fewer showings because buyers will view your home as a stale listings. Thus, it will be that much harder to sell your home.
  • You will miss home buyers searching in the price bracket that your home really belongs because you set the price too high, causing your home to fall in a different bracket.
  • You’ll help your neighbor sell his home before you sell yours. That’s because buyers may look at the two comparable homes and see your neighbors home as a bargain next to your over-priced home.

Even when you decide to lower your home’s list price, you may be disappointed to find it doesn’t generate the interest you’d hope for.

That’s because buyers are more drawn to “New Listings” alerts than “Recently Reduced” alerts.

In fact, for some buyers, “Recently Reduced” alerts may say to them that something is wrong with your home, decreasing the chances that they’re willing to buy your home.

On the other hand, here’s when you know you’ve set the right list price on your New Albany property:

  • You sell your home quickly and with relative ease
  • Your home immediately gets a lot of scheduled showings, giving it more exposure
  • Plenty of Realtors call to gather information about your home for their home buyers
  • Your sales price is very close to what your original asking price was.

List Your New Albany Property for Sale Today!

Determining the right list price on your New Albany home can be a difficult thing to do, especially if you’re not working with experienced Central Ohio REALTORS like us.

So if you would like to sell your home in as little time as possible and for the best price possible, contact us, Kate & Tony Thomas, today.

While you’re at it, make sure to check out all of the incredible home selling resources we offer to sellers online, such as:

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Things to do in New Albany, Ohio in April

Are you a New Albany home owner who recently relocated to the area? Are you interested in finding something fun and cheap to do during your free time?

Then you’ve come to the right New Albany real estate website!

Below, we’ve compiled a list of just some of the fun community events that you and your family may enjoy during the month of April.

Hope to see you at one of these community events soon!

Check Out These Upcoming Community Events in Central Ohio

Capitol Steps: This politically-aware group of performs take newspaper headlines from recent weeks and morph them song parodies and outrageous skits. This is sure to be appealing to anyone with a finger on the pulse of what’s going on in Washington!

  • When: 8 p.m. on April 13
  • Where: Jeanne B. McCoy Center for the Arts, 100 W. Dublin-Granville Road in New Albany
  • Admission: $20 to $30
  • More Info: Call 614-6545-0642

Symphony Performance: The New Albany Symphony will share a performance with the public titled “The New World.” Those residents who arrive early to the performance will have a chance to participate in a silent auction!

  • When: 7 p.m. on April 15
  • Where: Jeanne B. McCoy Center for the Arts, 100 W. Dublin-Granville Road in New Albany
  • Admission: $12 to $20
  • More Info: Call 614-323-1237

Paws in the Plaza: Come bring your best four-legged friend to this outdoor festival, which will feature river walks, pet-friendly shops and visiting pet vendors! Other exhibits that are likely to be there include free nail trimmings, caricature artists, giveaways, rescues, and more!

  • When: 4:30 to 8 p.m. on Thursdays from April 5 to November 1
  • Where: Mill Street and Creekside Plaza, 123 Mill Street in Gahanna
  • Admission: FREE
  • More Info: Call 614-418-9114

Homemade Crafts: Come learn how to make homemade soap during this Make & Take Craft event at the Ohio Herb Education Center. During the class, participants will mix essential oils and other simple ingredients to create a home cleanser.

  • When: April 4 to 28; times vary
  • Where: Ohio Herb Education Center, 110 Mill Street in Gahanna
  • Admission: $5
  • More Info: Call 614-342-4380

Your New Albany, OH Real Estate Experts

We hope you and your family are able to find the time to attend one of these interesting community events going on in Central Ohio in April.

If you do, let us know what you thought of it!

For more ideas on fun events going on in the area, check back in to our New Albany real estate blog.

And if you’re considering buying or selling a New Albany property any time soon, be sure to contact us, Kate & Tony Thomas!

Until next time,

Kate & Tony

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