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Why I Love Living In New Albany

What’s New in New Albany, Ohio?

I just came from a presentation where the topic was “What’s New in New Albany?”  Bill Ebbing, President of New Albany Company and Jennifer Chrysler, Director of Development for the City of New Albany talked about all of the development taking place at the business campus.  Just last week the New Albany Chamber of Commerce outdid themselves once again with their Annual New Albany Community Update Breakfast.  The theme was “New Albany Synergy” where the mayor and various community leaders shared the progress on all aspects of development in business, cultural, educational and civic areas.  As I was listening, I was reminded of all of the reasons Tony and I have enjoyed making New Albany, Ohio home for the past 16 years.

A Master Planned Community

The Master Planning that went into New Albany is unlike anywhere else I know.  The architecture is timeless – New Albany will look as beautiful and “right” 50 years from now as it does today.  It’s pedestrian friendly with 27 miles of leisure trails, many parks and green spaces.  New Albany is convenient and accessible to shopping, Easton (10 minutes) and Downtown Columbus (20 minutes) and yet there is still a rural feel to the area.

The New Albany School System is nationally ranked and we have a state of the art Performing Arts Center, a branch of the #1 ranked Columbus Metropolitan Library, and a championship golf course and country club

With our offices right here in Market Square, Tony and I have the opportunity (along with 12,000 people who work in the in the New Albany Business Campus) to work and play in the same place.  This may sound like a commercial but sometimes it’s nice to reflect on what a great place New Albany, Ohio has become.

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