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SOLD in New Albany in Less Than 20 Days – WHY???

Why do some homes sell quickly while others do not? The 3 New Albany homes pictured above went into contract in 2 – 20 days. Every homeowner thinks their home is “special” – obviously these buyers agreed. Sometimes it’s luck, but it’s becoming clearer and clearer to us that luck is a very small piece of the puzzle. When we meet with sellers, we used to ask “do you want honest or brutally honest?” We don’t do that anymore – every seller needs to hear brutally honest and then follow the brutally honest advice we offer. That’s why these three homes sold as quickly as they did.

What did these Sellers do that others didn’t? The Sellers involved had their homes in not good, but perfect condition. They have updated finishes with a neutral décor that appeals to the widest possible audience. They worked with us or our stager to stage their homes to showcase the home’s strengths and downplay the weaknesses. And here is where the most important part of brutal comes in … they priced their home in front of the market in order to be the next home sold. In any given price range in New Albany right now, an average of 1 – 2 homes sells per month. IF there are 10 homes to choose from, the best way to be the one chosen is to be the best house, best décor, and best possible price.

No one would like homes to sell for higher prices than us, but if you aren’t going to get the price you would like, you ought to at least get it sold quickly. To discuss a pricing and marketing strategy to get your home sold quickly, call us at 614-939-1234 or email or today.


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