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NEW! QR Codes for New Albany Real Estate

Kate & Tony Thomas Out Front (Again)

In our effort to always bring cutting edge marketing to our clients, we have just introduced QR codes on our listing yard signs.  We were first to use 800 #s, then texting and now QR.  So What’s QR Code? 

QR codes are like a UPC code in the grocery store, except instead of recording a price and a SKU, when you scan them with your smart phone,  they take you directly to a web page.  Below is a QR code for our home page at   

QR Code for

What’s the Real Estate App?

Okay, so, you’re driving along beautiful Elm St and you see the home of your dreams with one of our For Sale Signs in the yard.  It has a QR code.  Roll down your window, pick up your smart phone, zoom in on the QR code and scan.  You will be immediately taken to the specific web page for this home.  take a virtual tour, get all the details and pricing info and never leave your car.  WOW!

How do I get the App?

 Most Droids come with the bar code / QR code scanner.  Blackberry users can down load the app from Blackberry world.  All others can download readers from:

  • I-nigma
  • Scanlife
  • Neo reader

How Do I get my home sold quickly with QR technology?

Contact Kate and Tony Thomas at New Albany Realty, of course! 🙂

So, how we doin’ New Albany?

New Albany Home Sales are Up

The numbers are in.  Year-to-date November 2010, 277 homes have closed in the New Albany Plain Local School District vs 246 last year.  That’s an 11% increase in homes sold vs. 2009.  Click here to search the MLS yourself.

Tax Credits Impact the Monthly Volume

The numbers came in by month a little differently than last year – take a look.

New Albany home sales, like the rest of the country, were forced into May/June in order to take advantage of the tax credit.  We basically robbed Peter (July) to pay Paul (June).  The good news is that we broke even with last year in the fall even though we were up against a fall tax credit in 2009.

If you’re thinking about buying or selling in 2011, contact Kate or Tony to discuss.

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Ready to Build Your Dream House in New Albany Country Club?

Following is a list of New Albany Company lots available.

There is a 10% reduction that expires 12/31/10.



The Farms
Lot 1 $850,000

Section 15E/Lambton Park (Ashcombe/Biddick)
Lot 6E $100,000
Lot 19E $175,000

Section 17/Waterston
Lot 14 $145,000
Lot 16 $145,000
Lot 19 $135,000
Lot 20 $135,000
Lot 21 $130,000
Lot 35 $275,000
Lot 37 $250,000
Lot 38 $250,000
Lot 39 $225,000

Section 18/Edgemont
Lot 2 $1,500,000
Lot 3 $1,200,000

Section 21/Replatted Ogden Woods Lots
Lot 1 $130,000
Lot 2 $130,000
Lot 3 $130,000
Lot 4 $130,000
Lot 5 $130,000
Lot 6 $130,000

Section 24/Ackerly Park
Lot 2 $155,000
Lot 4 $160,000
Lot 5 $165,000
Lot 6 $165,000
Lot 7 $165,000
Lot 8 $165,000
Lot 9 $165,000
Lot 10 $150,000
Lot 11 $150,000
Lot 14 $160,000
Lot 15 $160,000
Lot 19 $145,000
Lot 20 $150,000
Lot 21 $155,000
Lot 22 $150,000
Lot 23 $150,000
Lot 68 $165,000

Contact Kate & Tony Thomas at or 939-1234 with any questions.

“When Should we put our home on the market?”

Now or later?

We get this question at this time of year more than ever. For many Sellers, it a conundrum…list during the holidays when there are fewer buyers looking or wait until the spring? The reality is that homes sell all year long. For sure there are fewer Buyers out looking in the winter months, but there is also much less competition for those Buyers. As of this writing, there are 82 homes for sale in New Albany Country Club, 16 homes  for sale in Hampsted Village and 27 homes for sale in New Albany Links.  Many Sellers have taken their homes off the market for the Holidays and plan to re-list in the spring.

20% is nothing to sneeze at!

A look at Columbus Board stats for 2005-2008 shows homes sold in the first quarter accounted for 20% of annual sales. Even in 2009, when tax credits pushed historically high volume into the 4th quarter, the 1st quarter still represented 17% of the total year’s business.

Few tire kickers.

Although there are fewer Buyers out looking, the ones who are out braving the Central Ohio winter are serious. No one is slogging through the snow looking at homes just for the fun of it. 

Bottom Line

There is no bad time to put your home on the market. While the winter months have fewer sales than the traditional spring and summer markets, the 1st quarter still accounts 20% of the business. There is less competition and the Buyers who are braving the elements are serious.  If your thinking about selling your house, check out our article about preparing your home for sale.  If you find yourself in the tough situation of owing more than the home is worth, make sure to read about short sales and avoiding foreclosure.

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