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3 Ways to Make Sure Your New Albany Home Sells

In a recent blog post, I noted that home sales results for 2009 in New Albany, Ohio were off the 2008 pace.  I realize that what I didn’t say is that while sales are off, some homes in New Albany are selling.   With the spring selling season about to begin, I want to share some sure fire ways to make sure that your home is one of the ones that sells.   

New Albany Homes Accurately Priced are Selling

Buyers have a lot of homes to choose from right now, so pricing is critical.  You have to get the price correct right from the beginning.  Tony and I find that if you don’t separate your home from the “pack”, you run the risk of following the market down.  Leading the market is a much better place to be.  We have sold over 300 homes  in New Albany.  As New Albany realtors, we know how to price your home correctly. 

Homes for Sale Must Be in Tiptop condition

Pretend your home is competing in a beauty contest with other homes for sale in New Albany.  To win that contest, your home has to be the best.  Take an objective look at your home to see what needs to be repaired or replaced and put a plan into motion to take care of these things.  We have an extensive list of things you should to do to prepare your home for sale at our website.    

Dress Your New Albany Home for Success

Home staging works!  Select a New Albany real estate team who will use their home staging expertise to ensure your New Albany home looks like a “model”.  A staged home makes a great first impression and makes your home more universally appealing. I’m including a couple of photos of well staged rooms to give you the idea.



We’ve listed 3 recommendations to help position your New Albany home for a quicker, more profitable sale.  What other suggestions do you have to help sell a home for top dollar?  We’d love to hear from you so leave us a comment below and tell us what you think! 

Wanna Get Your New Albany, OH Property Taxes Lowered?

 j04352352Time is of the Essence.

We see that phrase a lot in real estate contracts.  It’s also very apropos when it comes to requesting a tax adjustment on your New Albany Home, from the Franklin County Auditor.  The deadline for filing is just around the corner; March 31, 2009.

Can I get my Real Estate taxes lowered? Yes, In three easy steps.

1.)   Do you have a case?

Well, if you believe that your home’s Market value on the tax rolls is substantially greater that the amount you could sell it for in today’s market, you have a good case to plead with the tax man.  Check out the auditors Property Search  page.  Enter you street number and address.  You will then be taken to the “Summary” page. 

 framed-belliago12) Prove Your Case.

“Wow, that crazy auditor has my home’s market value just slightly north of the Bellagio Hotel. If he’ll buy it for that, he can have it!”  So now you’re clear that his valuation is out of step with today’s market, you just gotta prove it. Okay, back on the Auditor’s Property Search summary page look to the left and click on map (GIS). Check out the homes around you and see if they are valued more reasonably and begin to build a file of  “Comparable properties”.  (Hint, look for ones that have sold recently.)


franklin-county-auditor-parcel-information_page_13Next, got to our web site, and click on the “What’s My Home Worth Right Now” tab to get a real-time market analysis.


The other option is to hire a professional appraiser to do a market valuation appraisal on your property.  We have a number of appraisers whom we can recommend.

3. Go get ‘em tiger!

Okay, you’re almost ready.  Download the “Complaint Against Valuation of Real Property” form fill it out and follow the instructions for filing. 

Help is just a phone call (or email) away if you need it.

We’ve assisted many clients in this process and almost all have been successful in getting their taxes adjusted to reflect true market value.  If you have any questions regarding the process or comps, just give us a shout at 614-939-8944. 


New Albany Real Estate Sales Disappointing Year To Date

New Albany Ohio is following the same trends seen in the national economy with respect to housing.  Home sales in New Albany for the 1st two months of 2009 dropped to the lowest level we’ve seen in the past 10 years.  As you can see in the chart below, unit sales are off 48% of the 2008 pace and 55% off 2006, the highest recorded year. 

A survey by Reuters of 47 professional forecasters, predict the economy will begin to recover in the second half of this year.  That said, we are seeing homes sell right now, that are priced in front of the market and in excellent condition; just not as many as in years past.

New Albany Real Estate Sales, January, February - 10 Years in Review

New Albany Real Estate Sales January, February - 10 Years in Review

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