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Trust Kate & Tony Thomas To Help You Avoid Foreclosure


New Albany, Ohio (December 1, 2008)  Certified Distressed Property Expert, Tony Thomas, of New Albany Realty in New Albany insists that foreclosure is not the answer to the current home ownership crisis looming throughout Franklin County.

“Foreclosure, not unlike a surgical procedure, should be viewed as the final recourse after everything else has been explored and not the first treatment choice,” said Thomas.  “Many Ohioans are fearful of their situations and do not realize that there are very positive steps that can be taken to avoid foreclosure.”

Tony Thomas recently completed certification in Los Angeles, California as a Distressed Property Expert. Thomas views his CDPE (Certified Distressed Property Expert) designation and his commitment to help financially distressed homeowners, as both a responsibility and an obligation to his profession. His focus with homeowners facing foreclosure is to give them the hope of a dignified solution to their financial crisis through current lender loan modification, loan refinancing (short or long-term) or a short sale (a lender-approved sale at less than the outstanding loan balance).

Over 85% of the clients served by CDPE real estate professionals avoid foreclosure.  Alex Charfen founder of the Distressed Property Institute believes that homeowners surrounded by a strong CDPE real estate agent team including legal and financial referrals have the greatest chance of avoiding foreclosure and at minimal financial investment to the homeowner.

Thomas’ commitment to help save homeowners from Foreclosure occurred after participating in numerous short sales and bank owned transactions.  Witnessing the helplessness, utter sense of aloneness and guilt felt by homeowners facing foreclosure compelled Thomas to act as a homeowner advocate lending a helping hand of expertise and compassion.  With his ten years of real estate experience, his commitment to education, strong marketing, systems development and checklists, combined with his knowledge of the pre-foreclosure process, have given his clients an advantage in this current epidemic of foreclosures.

“Not having a clear understanding of the elements and consequences of foreclosure lead many homeowners to just give up,” said Thomas.  “And believe me there is a huge difference in life after foreclosure as opposed to life without foreclosure. We may not be able to save every house, but we can offer the saving hand to every financially distressed homeowner.” 

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